Josephine Hedger

Josephine Hedger


Josephine started Arbor Venture Tree Care in 2005. She gained a National Certificate in Arboriculture at Sparsholt College in 2002. Josephine wears many hats at Arbor Venture including working in the Office, Quoting, and Lead Climber.

Outside of work Josephine enjoys cycling, running and drumming.

Josephine currently climbs in the ISA Tree Climbing Championships. She represents the UK chapter in the European Championships and has travelled to many competitions in Europe, America and Australia.

Josephine has held the World Record in Footlocking and is a three time World Tree Climbing Champion, 2008 in St Louis, 2010 in Chicago and 2014 in Milwaukee and also a five time European Champion, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Josephine is an ambassador for the chainsaw manufacturer Husqvarna, and rope manufacturer Teufelberger, helping with development of equipment and trade show demonstrations.

John and Josephine Got married in 2016. With a blessing in an Oak tree, where else!?