Our environment

Arbor Venture Tree Care recognizes that protection of our surrounding environment is of high importance and through careful planning we can minimise the impact our work may have on our environment.

Arbor Venture Tree Care has an environmental policy in place and prior to any work commencing, the tree and its surrounding area are assessed for the presence of protected species, some of which are subject to season-specific legislation.  We schedule work to limit potential impact on wildlife where possible.  We encourage our customers who make the decision to remove mature trees to replant trees for the future.

Here at Arbor Venture Tree Care we require the use of large machinery or 4 x4 vehicles to allow us to carry out work for our customers but we try to limit excessive use or unnecessary idling of machinery. Biodegradable chainsaw oil is used in all of our chainsaws and we have recently purchased a range of battery operated chainsaws and hedge cutters to reduce noise and emissions to our surrounding environment.


Arbor Venture Tree Care recycles in all aspects of our business, where possible. Tree work generates large quantities of green waste such as woodchip and timber. The majority of the woodchip we produce is used to generate electricity at biomass facilities. Small quantities are also provided to customers to be used as garden mulch to suppress weeds or keep moisture in the soil around newly planted trees.

The hardwood timber is stored and then processed into logs using our firewood processor, which is seasoned and ready to burn and can be purchased by our customers. Good quality or rare timber is re-used by carving or milling. Our office has a recycling system where we recycle paper and card waste.